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The Entrepreneurship Development cell,Tiet has been established with an aim to foster and nurture talented young minds with a vision. With India witnessingg the rise of start up culture, we encourage and guide everyone who is bitten by the entrepreneurs. Imagination dies a dreadful death as we grow but here, we nurture the imagination of young entrepreneurs by providing a platform to present their seminal ideas. We envision a team of spirited individuals who strive to make students accessible with resources and provide them an wasy link to venture capital firms, successful entrepreneurs, executive professionals and corporate so that they can watch their dream become reality. We believe that entrepreneurship is the key to unlock India's talent and untapped potential and thus we are striving to create, foster and promote entrepreneurship.

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E Summit

Entrepreneurship is not a part-time job, nor is it a full-time one. It's a lifestyle, it defines you.” EDC brings you the opportunity to be a part of that lifestyle for a short while in our annual flagship event - E-SUMMIT'19. With a number of fun, exciting and challenging events,get ready for a weekend you'll actually enjoy. Hold your breath for the first ever E-SUMMIT in TIET!

Pre event

20-21 February, 2019

Board Room
BoardRoom allows the teams to assume the role of a board of directors of a company where they will be asked to propose solutions to the hypothetical problems presented to them.

Pre event

21 February, 2019

‘Quiz’ is a relatively new word. The word ‘quiz’ didn’t have the same meaning back in 1790’s as it does now. It is speculated to be adapted from- “Qui es?”(Who are you?) Back then a person was a ‘QUIZ’ because he was eccentric. Just the way the word ‘NERD’ is used now a days. EDC presents a 2 hour long ‘Quiz for Quiz’ on __ of February ‘19 for the ‘Quiz Thaparians’. Au Revoir!

Day 1

22-24 February, 2019

VL Weekend
Venture Lab will be a 3 day workshop and will be held from. The aim of this weekend will be to further the goal of instilling and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the participants by empowering today's youth with the tools needed to become the fulcrum of change towards a self sustainable future for themselves and so that they may play a pivotal role in that change.


Day 3

24 February, 2019

Internship Fair
Internship fair is an event where employers and recruiters from base companies and startups give information to potential employees. The event provides an opportunity to make a good impression on potential future coworkers by speaking face-to-face with one another, get an overview of what it is like to work for a company or a sector that seems interesting to the applicant, and attempt to stand out from other attendees.


20-24 february 2019


Thapar Institute Of Engg & Tech


Neil Sheridan + guests

Our Mentors

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Dr. Mandeep Singh

President, EDC TIET

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Dr. Karun Verma

Vice President, EDC TIET

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Dr. Maneek Kumar

Dean of Student Affairs, TIET

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Dr. Karminderjit Singh Ghuman


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